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Comment: Crossing the street

It always seems to be reported as a surprise judgement when a court declares that “the law is the law”. Back in 2017, the low-cost airline Ryanair persisted in its attempts to insist that its practice of giving all its

Comment: Bankrupt Britain

If a government does not like what a statistic indicates, it has two choices: either manipulate it until it looks right, or simply do not publish it. In the case of the UK leading up to Brexit we clearly have

Comment: Long transfer at the Strefa Non-Schengen

When the seat belt signs go on and the airline captain wishes you a “pleasant flight”, you know that is never going to happen. The only pleasant flight I have ever had – out of more than a 1,000 taken

Comment: As red hits the green

The eruption of yellow-vest (gilets jaunes) protesters in France during the last few weeks perhaps came across to most people as something of a surprise. However, it was just a threat waiting to happen and now the genie is “out

Comment: A different take on #MeToo

There has rightfully been much focus in recent years on the distress felt by women about sexual harassment. This hidden and formerly ignored source of human suffering needed to be brought out into the open and the perpetrators put to

Comment: Is there any sense in CEO pay?

Pay differentials exist in all societies, even those labelling themselves as communist. Most people do not rationalise pay gaps in any objective or scientific way, although everyone does seem to accept that people should be rewarded differently because of their

Comment: The great IT make believe

I am seemingly alone when saying this, but information technology (IT) is not the complex and mystical field it pretends to be. IT specialists aren’t that special either. We seem to have gone beyond the one-time caricature of the inept

Comment: Finding the prize

The constant concern of many multinational HR departments is talent management. But if it matters so much, how is it detected, measured and utilised?

The four key elements of talent are intelligence, personality, aptitude, and skill (IPAS). So, how many

Comment: Don’t blink, you will miss it

Back in the late 1980s automation was already well advanced: robots could perform many of the functions they perform today, CNC lathes could be programmed offline, and technologies such as the Cadbury Wispa bar high-speed flow wrapping line (that my

Comment: The long road to ethical compliance

Although the UK has had a powerful code of corporate governance since the early 1990s, this has taken longer to establish in the rest of the world, especially the USA. However, in 2017, along came two competing US codes. The

Comment: Seeking the higher ground

Most of us start out believing that the law is always right, that integrity and wisdom pervade the justice system and that official and law firm data sources are always accurate. Even when we realise otherwise, we simply take exceptions

Comment: Ruling could kill unions

The most fundamental change has taken place in the landscape of European labour relations in over a century and yet almost everyone is silent.

We contacted the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna who were indifferent, whilst the European Trades

Comment: Mend it, Not Brexit

The UK is facing its biggest crisis in 70 years, yet few seem to care – or even know what they are heading for. So what will happen when you wake up on March 30th 2019 and realise that the

Comment: Use of investigative agencies

For the last 30 years Italian courts have been struggling with a law that was introduced way back in 1970.

From the outset, the Worker’s Statute contained a tranche of restrictions on the right of managers to manage. It prohibits

Comment: Free movement fallacy

Ten years ago I was at a conference in Dublin when one of the speakers – a well- known TV pundit – stated from the rostrum that the accession of eastern European countries to the European Union meant “a great