One-to-one support

The FedEE Legal Helpline

Our legal helpline is managed by Vasiliki Filippou, a qualified barrister with a Masters degree in International Law. She has experience both with a law firm and as an in-house counsel.

FedEE members may pose any question relating to employment and related laws in over 100 jurisdictions worldwide. Normally we respond to these within two hours during our normal operating hours or within the first hour of the next working day. We focus on practical answers, with short-term solutions if they appear necessary. We also try to keep things simple and avoid legal jargon whenever possible.

Sometimes a company needs to undertake damage limitation and we ensure that the enquirer knows about how to minimize adverse consequences or mitigate a potential loss. If we believe the enquiring company requires in-depth due diligence/case analysis prior to taking action or runs the risk of litigation we will refer them to a local employment lawyer.

The helpline is not intended as a vehicle for undertaking legal research, although FedEE will undertake research commissions on an additional fee basis. We also offer additional legal services on this basis – such as the drafting of employment contracts, the drawing up of company policies or review of company handbooks for their ongoing legal compliance.

FedEE are also experts in assisting companies to move into Europe. The legal helpline, coupled with the law programme and Knowledgebase are a powerful combination of key services to companies changing their locations, expanding or withdrawing from a jurisdiction.

Typical recent enquiries we have answered to our member’s satisfaction.

France – carrying forwards public holidays if they fall at a weekend.

Germany – dismissal of an employee following a final warning when they subsequently refuse to attend a disciplinary meeting. How to proceed.

Singapore – managing intra-company transfers from operations in the Americas and Europe. Guidance on priorities and procedures.

China – planning for international expansion into Europe. Concerns primarily about collective agreements and union recognition in the Netherlands and Greece.

Columbia – concerns about employee security during travel to work and meal breaks.

California, USA – legality of post-compete clauses.

Spain – updating a company employee handbook. Particular questions of legal detail.

Russia – legality of using VPNs and how enforced.

Kenya – making a woman on maternity redundant. Legality and options.

Belgium – concerns about non-attendance and poor performance by an employee with elven years service. Scope for dismissal and likely costs.

Recent Unsolicited Helpline Feedback

“The advice you have provided is very useful and helps direct how we should best handle this case.” – Leading credit card company

“Thank you for the phone call and quick turnaround, much appreciated. it was much easier to talk this one through and it is very clear now. ” – Global technology products distributor

“That’s brilliant.” – IT recruitment company, UK

“Much appreciated clarity” – Major US bank

“This information is perfect and will go into a very important document on company expansion.” – Japanese life sciences company