Job Evaluation and Pricing System

This interactive facility has been designed to help multinational employers establish rationally determined reference pay levels for private sector positions in 43 countries and territories. All data is expressed as hourly rates and excludes additions such as variable overtime payments, bonus and double holiday pay. The data is as at September 1st 2018. Please note that all rates are for full-time, adult employees in companies employing more than ten people. All job functions are covered from unskilled operatives to main board roles.

Twenty two factors and subfactors are used in the evaluation process (see below for main categories). At each stage a link is provided giving access to helpful tips and illustrations. For access to the JEAPS system contact

1. Education, training and experience        Separate ratings

2. Accountability for annual cost/expense budgets      Direct/Indirect   $10,000 units

3. Accountability for setting/meeting annual revenue or sales targets      Direct/Indirect

4. Level of control – Persons managed/supervised

5. Time span of discretion

6. Level of physical risk        Low/Intermediate/High

7. Level of managerial risk               Problem solving / Level – Normal/Significant/High

8. Size of organisation – ranges

Then specific factors relating to:

9. Economic sector

10. Country / National economy


The JEAPS output is the hourly gross midpoint and range in local currency for the local remuneration marketplace.