Press Enquiries

The Federation is frequently featured and quoted in press and media reports around the world. We are available for both live and recorded interviews, news events, news comments, discussion panels, chat shows, documentaries and educational programmes.

Our key areas of expertise are new employment-related legislation, comparative law, pay and employee benefit trends, executive bonuses, equal opportunities and positive action, immigration and intra-company transfers, data protection (GDPR) and the privacy shield, background checks, the European Union and brexit, human resource management, multinational policies, employee involvement and productivity, the Chinese and Indian economies, labour regulations in South America and global hiring and firing rules.

FedEE’s Research Department is (where time allows) willing to prepare a limited amount of material for published tables or visual aids in support of features and news reports. This, however, must be clearly acknowledged in normal point-sized text “Source: The Federation of International Employers (”

Press enquiries should be directed to either John Ingham ( or Robin Chater (  The press telephone hotline is (USA)  (+1) 857-444-0421.