Without Prejudice Discussion

A Training video about the highly sensitive issue of workplace racial prejudice

A trailer for FedEE’s film “Without Prejudice”, followed by a discussion about the implications of the full video for HRM. The discussion involves three senior experts – The Assistant Director of the UK governmental employment advisory service – ACAS, The Trade Union Congresses head of Equal Opportunities and a Leading employment lawyer from Baker & McKenzie.

Although this film was made about the legal position in the UK, its content and central message remains relevant to the incidence of workplace discrimination in other jurisdiictions.

When we made this film it was our intention to achieve three things – to show how often very subtle things can be interpreted by different actors in a radically different way, how litigation in the field of discrimination can frustrate and devastate all parties to it and finally we wanted to split our audience – so that half would not believe discrimination had taken place and the other half see repeated evidence of it.  This split is a good basis for group discussion.

Without Prejudice itself may now be viewed online rather than through a DVD. Although individuals may view it without restriction, both the video “Without Prejudice” and the follow-up “Discussion Video” may be used for employee training and broadcast only with the prior permission of the Federation of International Employers (FedEE).

See Without Prejudice now.